Vanity Construction

Icera vanities are built to last. 
Using only premium materials and hardware, they are a combination of luxurious, eye-catching designs with superb functionality and ample storage.

Hardwood Construction

Built furniture-style, Icera vanities are constructed of solid hardwood and hardwood plywood, sustainably sourced.  We use absolutely zero MDF, particle board or chipboard.  Drawer boxes are constructed with dovetail joinery, for solidity and endurance for frequent use.  This also showcases the attractive grain of the hardwood.


Wood is a beautifully natural material.  The figuring (grain) of each piece is unique to every vanity produced.  Every vanity will contain a different figure, including birdseye knots and heartwood streaks. These are not considered defects, but beautifully unique character.  There will also be a natural aging of every wood species over time which changes the overall color of the vanity.  In most instances, this will be a darkening of dark woods and a yellowing of light woods.  Direct sunlight will hasten this effect.  Given this natural beauty, no two vanities will ever match in figure or color (if stained or clear-coated) and warranty replacement doors and drawers will not match the existing surrounding wood figure or color.

Soft-Close Doors & Drawers

All Icera furniture feature soft-closing door hinges and drawer rails, to eliminate noisy slamming and ensure long-lasting durability against daily wear and tear.  

Meanwhile, the stainless steel hardware construction resists the accumulation of rust in the humid bathroom environment.

Icera drawers and doors all come with adjustable rails and hinges.  In the event that any have slighted shifted out of alignment during shipment, please adjust them during installation, as detailed in the installation manual.  Doors that are warped 1/4” or less should hang for 2 months before replacement is requested.  Typically, a door will return to its normal flat position once it is acclimated to temperature and humidity conditions. 

Non-VOC Paint Finishes

In keeping with our emphasis on environmentally-conscious products, all Icera furniture uses only non-VOC paint and stain finishes.  This is immediately noticeable upon opening a brand new Icera cabinet from the box:  there is no odor.  

Icera paint and stain finishes are durable and water resistant, for longevity in the humid bathroom environment.

Since solid wood naturally expands and contracts, the joints on a painted vanity do the same.  As a result, you may see hairline cracks in the finish surface at box, door and drawer joints.  These joint lines are normal and do not affect the strength of the construction. These cracks can be filled and finished periodically with commercially available products although may return with repeated expansion and contraction.  These cracks are not considered defects in solid wood cabinetry.

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